Events World Public TV CH10 provides scheduled-programmed television and content production and distribution services for the largest audience in the World "The Now Audience".Events World streaming and production services the needs for night club performances nationally. Example: We provide Live Streaming Television Services to Concerts, Clubs, Festival and Comedy events.Delivering 15-30 and 60-second programmed ads content at Events World Television broadcast. This allows our broadcast system to encode and measure your content while being viewed around the World gathering research. We also provide encoding and production services for (VOD) Video on Demand content going to Netflix, Hulu and Others.

In addition, Events World offers custom event creation and management service that include talent acquisition–celebrity and market influencers, location selection–venue evaluation and procurement, creative services–vertically integrated promotions, team and management tools to engage the social audience at scale. Our programs are designed for events results, and social interaction with an event at all levels; and rights, clearances, and royalties.

Imagine your live concert, festival, mega nightclub or recorded video. airing to the largest audience in the world; Events World is accessible on all smartphone carrier network, Ipads and Home Smart TV Viewers, Worldwide.

Integrate advertisement sales across the screens of mobile device users, product commercial's, PSA's and sweepstakes along with Mobile; Pay Per View; options as well.

Events World Television LIVE "Pay Per View" streaming broadcast that's socially engaging the world's largest active audience on - The Internet Super Highway and its social media communities, Globally! Imagine your live event or recorded concert, festival, boxing, mega nightclub, etc. aired to the largest audience in "The World". Events World is accessible on every mobile device carrier network, to their smartphone, pads and Smart TV users, Worldwide. Integrate advertisement sales across the screens of mobile users device, product commercial's, PSA and sweepstakes. During our "Pay Per View" Stream. Events World Television is ready to share our technology with your small or large event using our high tech and compact mobile broadcast on-site studio or production team for recorded content. Professional Streaming Broadcast Services". The future has arrived! No more satellite trucks, cables hazards or 30 man teams, setting up a week in advance, nor the massive cost. Events World Television, allows your event to be viewed on smartphones, IPads, PC's and Smart TV's accessible anywhere in the world. Simply type in our domain address WWW.EVENTSWORLDTELEVISION.TV and Enjoy! The special benefit is your social media audience is able to engage your event broadcast messages and content activity in real time! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social sources "Right Now"! The largest LIVE active audience in the world is available to sell brands and products (via) creative ads with immediate responses to sales and brand awareness. Media, Public Relations, Press and Breaking News asset, providing your client's immediate visible access to a global audience. Where traditional television networks fail. The Super Wedding Planners, edge above all others. The events wedding planner with it all. The #1 wedding perk of the century. A professional streamed broadcast of your clients wedding to family and friends abroad can be tuned in LIVE! Sports Events and Pre-Game Talk Shows for all Major Leagues, College, and High Schools events! There are so many wonderful opportunities “Events World Television” services could provide exposure, there are too many media and ads revenue streams to mention. SET UP: Four (4) Camera events set up: *1 Cued to Center Stage Talent *2 Cued to Switch, Audience, and Stage *3 Cued to Switch Stage Announcer, DJ or Band *4 {Rover Cam} Cued to Event Red Carpet Reporter or Event Host interviewing or narrating the event. Three (3) Man Technical - Production (2) Broadcast Crew (1) Anchorwoman {optional} and you are Live in 10! Give Us A Call Today! Sales Dept. 1-404-333-8770